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Since such a large part of my life (roughly 1 hour a day, 5 days a week) is dedicated to fitness, trying to stay healthy is a conscious decision I make every day. So I thought what a great place to start with my blog……but what do I really think about health and fitness?
With Instagram the new be all and end all it feels to me that we’re constantly being bombarded with images of how we should look and what size we should be……when did ‘one size fits all’ become something to aim for and why is that size often so unattainable? I love social media because it’s a great platform for thoughts, pics and satiating that vicarious interest in how the other half lives, but it is the media…remember that.


Maybe you’re living the celebrity lifestyle – complete with personal trainer and personal chef but the rest of us mere mortals aren’t that lucky. A four hour grind in the gym and a macro-nutrient breakdown of everything I plan to eat today is not my style and it doesn’t have to be yours. I truly believe that everyone can feel good and look good with just a few lifestyle changes and a conscious effort to be healthy.


Don’t get me wrong, crisps, chocolate and a quick ten minute cardio session are not the steps to a supermodel bod but neither is starving yourself to delirium and then going for a run. I don’t believe in fad diets and crazy workout routines, they don’t work because they’re not sustainable. Consistency is the key!

One salad won’t lean you out just like one greasy burger won’t ruin all your hard work. What’s a life without a few crazy nights out, too many glasses of wine and dinner with the girls where no one orders a salad! I’m a big fan of the 80:20 ratio (80% healthy, 20% not) for my health and my sanity and if some days (or weeks) this happens to be more 60:40 or maybe even 40:60 it’s not the end of the world. Remember, there’s always Monday.

Thanks, Megan x

PS. I realise I’ve talked a lot about diet and exercise without telling you anything of my own routine. So if you’re interested in what I do to try and get healthier and fitter let me know and I’ll be sure to write a post on it.

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