Five Reasons to Travel

Paragliding near Minich

Without a doubt my love for travel stems from my Mum. An avid traveler herself she can often be found returning from one destination with plans of the next. My fondest childhood memories all seem to involve sun, sand and a boogie-board. Not to mention, every family trip came with its own theme music in the form of the one album we’d remembered to take with us, played on a constant loop. Even now I can’t listen to Scissor Sisters without lapsing into memories of South Africa.

But what is it about being far from home that I just can’t get enough of? Below are a few of my favourite reasons (and perhaps your inspiration) for traveling.
Doing the same thing every day is boring.

Have you ever been walking around town, arrived at your destination and had no memory of making the decisions that got you there? Yeah, me too! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out, that a lot of time you just switch off. When you’re in a completely new place surrounded by new experiences you’ll have no choice but to pay attention and you won’t want to miss a thing.

The world is so damn beautiful.

There are so many incredible sights to see in this world and if you never venture further than your back garden you really are missing out. Sure, you can google-images a picture of the Grand Canyon and know that it’s pretty big but that won’t prepare you for the feeling of amazement and awe you get standing on its edge and looking over. Travelling gives you moments like these constantly and it’s a feeling that’s not easily replicated.

Glen Canyon Dam
Houseboats on Lake Powell – Glen Canyon Dam
Arches National Park - Utah
Those tiny ant-like creatures are me and my family – Arches National Park, Utah

Try new things.

Whether that’s paragliding off a mountain or tasting the local delicacies, there are plenty of things that you simply can’t do at home. Even eating in a restaurant can be a completely new experience when you don’t speak the language and there’s no menu. Travelling not only provides you with the opportunity to try so many incredible things but it inspires you and gives you the confidence to do so.

It’s an education you can’t get in school.

Nothing drives open-mindedness quite like immersing yourself in a whole new culture. Being around people who don’t automatically act in a way you’ve come to expect teaches you things that a class room can’t. Adaptability, patience and understanding to name just a few of the skills you pick up whilst you’re away.


Ultimately, travelling is an adventure. I love arriving in a new place and picking that first left or right not knowing where I’m headed. It’s fun and exciting and there’s always the opportunity to create amazing memories.


Let me know some of your favourite reasons for travelling and the places you’ve loved the most.

Thanks, Megan x

Rhinos on Safari in Johannesburg
Rhinos on Safari in Johannesburg

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