My Journey back to Pilates


My love for Pilates started around four years ago after I discovered the YouTube channel Blogilates. Cassey’s delightful combination of challenging workouts and motivational speeches really drew me into her world and within months I was completely hooked, following her calendar to a T. If you’re new to working out or want a bit more structure in your routine I would definitely recommend checking out her blog where she offers some great advice, meal plans and a free fitness calendar (that’s how I got started).



As  much as I do love Blogilates, and trust me I do loooove Blogilates, my only issue was that after four years I had developed a bit of complacency and a definite plateau in results. This was really more of a mind-set issue on my part rather than a fault with the workout itself. I’d just gotten into a bit of a rut with my routine and so after a quick google search about ‘seeing results’ I convinced myself that weights were the way forward. I began mixing up my workouts, including a lot more HIT training (or at the very least pretty intense cardio) and, as I don’t do halves, I completely substituted all my routines for weight lifting.


I have to say for a good few months I loved it and the physical results that a little change made were pretty apparent. Nothing builds muscle quite like racking up the kilos and squatting until you can’t squat no more! Though with regards to myself picture a little less body builder and a lot more shaky legs desperately trying to hit that last rep.

img_5769What I loved the most about weights is the feeling of ‘badassness’ that came with watching yourself slowly be able to lift heavier and heavier and this is a feeling I still love today. Though despite the clear results, I again became bored of the same style of routine and would often catch myself seeing ‘weights day’ as a chore, sometimes skipping it altogether in favour of a body weight style workout instead. Eventually progressing into my own variation of the Pilates videos I had previously been doing.


So it would seem Pilates really is my ‘home base’ when it comes to getting myself moving. I realise now that as I had gotten more comfortable with own abilities I began to crave more variety in my routines and although Blogilates offers every kind of workout imaginable, it was the simple fact that I was only doing Blogilates that had me hankering for something new.


Pilates routines focus on building core strength but that doesn’t just mean sit-ups. I’m a big fan of anything that involves a plank variation or an inversion. They’re amazing full body moves and pretty fun to practice; all without ever having to step foot in the gym. In fact you don’t need any equipment at all… fantastic for beginners. All Pilates moves can be done, or modified to be done, using only bodyweight. Add in a cardio warmup and you’ve got yourself a full body strength, aerobic and stretching workout that you can do in the comfort of your own living room and it really works. Picture long lean legs, a tight, strong core and sleek sexy arms all for the price of a little motivation and the ability to push through the burn…and trust me if you don’t already you’ll learn to love it.


It’s for these reasons, and the simple fact that I really love Pilates, that I’ve thrown it back to the forefront of my routine. I still like to add in the occasional weights session and some days I just do what I fancy, even if that does mean spending half an hour trying to hold a headstand. Lets face it, motivating yourself to workout can be pretty hard but in the end it’s all about finding a style that works for you and I’ve definitely found mine in Pilates.

Let me know your favourite Pilates moves and your go to style for working out.

Thanks, Megan x

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