Getting festive


Here comes Santa!!

So December is in full swing and it’s so close to Christmas now that I can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing. I thought I’d write a little festive post all about how I celebrate Christmas the Christmassy things I do every year to get me in the spirit.

Let’s start with the decorations. Nothing gets me in the Christmassy mood quite like getting out the Christmas boxes and decorating the house head to toe. Last weekend my parents were in New York so me and Jack decided to put everything up for their return. Little did we know that Christmas decorating was a serious job. Two hours later and we had half a tree up and a couple of snowflakes dangling by the windows.

Nevertheless, after a quick break for lunch and football (he insisted!) we started up again. We worked up a bit of momentum and got the snowflakes on the windows the wreath on the front door and the banister trimmed pretty quickly after that. It was time to turn out attention to the 9ft tree. Yes you heard me, a 9ft tree. It took so long to assemble that by the time we had got it up the decorating had become a little lacklustre and any kind of theme went out the window. It wasn’t our best work. Not to worry though, when my mum and dad returned they redecorated everything! It turns out my mum takes Christmas decorating very seriously and we’d not met her standards. I have to admit it looks a lot better than our efforts and I will be looking to her for tips when I have a house of my own.

The next thing I love to do to get into the Christmas spirit is to visit a German Christmas Market. Although I do go to the Leeds one ever year it’s always a little disappointing. It’s just so small! So this year I went to York markets as well. They were much bigger with a couple of markets dotted around the city and a main one in the large open square by the York Minster. The stalls were fully decorated in festive wreaths and really helped to create a little bit of Christmas in the centre of York.

The stalls themselves are great for stocking filler presents and I even bought myself a winter hat. After wandering around for a little while and looking into each little hut we decided to head down to Thor’s Bar and grab some hot cocoa. It was tasted fantastic and did an excellent job as a makeshift hand warmer. All in all the York markets were lovely and I would definitely go back but I have to say nowhere has quite beat the sheer size and atmosphere of Manchester at Christmas time.

Now that I’m well into the Christmas spirit all that’s left is to light a bonfire, grab the pork pies and mushy peas and get settled down for the family’s annual showing of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. A couple of odd Christmas Eve traditions I know but for me and my family it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

Thanks, Megan x


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