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Working out can be hard to get into if you’re a complete beginner or someone trying to get back into fitness. I’ve put together this series to create workouts aimed at beginners like you to help you get fitter healthier and more confident when it comes to working out. This routine uses squats which are amazing for tightening and toning up your legs. Although they are one of the best moves you can add into your routine, squats can be dangerous if executed with improper form. I have written a post all about the correct way to squat so make sure you check that out before doing this workout.

This is a great routine that you can add into any beginner plan. Try to workout at least three times a week including a lower body routine, an upper body routine and a cardio and total body routine. This way you’re evenly training your body and working on improving your general fitness without feeling too overwhelmed. Keep your workouts short, under half an hour, and aim to push yourself a little harder each time but never to the point on exhaustion.

The moves I have chosen should challenge you to push a little harder so try to keep going all the way through to the end. Remember to keep some water besides you and if you need to take a break then do and come right back in when you’re ready.

The Workout

There are five exercises to complete and four routines that you can progress onto as you get stronger. Start with routine one the first time you complete this workout and as you get stronger over the weeks progress through the routines until you can comfortably do routine four.

Routine 1:

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds taking a break in between each move. You can take as long as you need between each exercise but try not to cool down fully. Do the whole routine twice.

Routine 2:

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds taking a 30 second break in between each move. Complete the whole routine 2- 3 times depending on fitness levels.

Routine 3:

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds taking a 15 second break between each move. Complete the whole routine 3 times.

Routine 4:

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds taking a 15 second break between each move. Complete the whole routine 3-4 times depending on fitness levels.

The Exercises

  1. Jog on the spot – This is your warm up move. You want to be getting your heart rate up and your muscles warm but don’t push yourself too hard here.
  2. Basic Squat
  3. Narrow Squat touch
  4. Basic Squat leg lift
  5. Kneeling Ups

Basic Squat

Start with your feet hip width apart and your weight in your heels. Lower yourself down into a squat position keeping your chest up and your back straight. Make sure your knees do not pass your toes and your bum is pushed back. Hold this position for a moment and then, pushing through your heels, lift back up. Squeeze your glutes together at the top. For a step by step guide on how to complete a squat head over to my how to Squat post in the Beginner Body series.

Narrow squat touch

Start with your feet together. Lower yourself into a squat keeping your knees and feet together. You want to keep your back straight and your chest slightly forwards and so you will not be able to lower as far. Once lowered, extend your leg straight out to the side of you, tap your toes on the ground and then return them to your side; alternate between legs.

Basic squat leg lift

Perform a basic squat and once you have completed the squat and returned to a standing position raise your leg straight out to your side. Your goal is to lift your leg to hip height but just reach as far as you are able. Squeeze your thigh as you lift and try to hold your leg up for a moment. Lower your leg back to a starting squat position and continue the move alternating between legs.

Kneeling Ups

You will want to complete this move on a soft surface like yoga mat or on a carpet. Start in a standing position and lower yourself down so that you are kneeling. Lower down one leg at a time so that you place one knee firmly on the ground before the other. From your kneeling position raise one leg up so that your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle and pushing through the heel of this leg lift yourself back up to standing. The next time you complete this move lift yourself up using your other leg and continue the move alternating between the two. If your knees hurt use a folded over towel to kneel on.

I hope you like this routine and stick at it until you can comfortably hit routine 4. Let me know what other areas of fitness you’d like me to go into and head back over next week for another Beginner Body post.

Thanks, Megan x

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