My Love Affair with Bary M


When it comes to beauty products I’ve never really seen myself as a brand loyal kinda girl. I’ll try anything that comes highly recommended and I honestly think I could restock the makeup section in Boots a couple of times over before I ran out of half used products and empties. That being said, after a quick cleanout of my beauty draws I discovered that when it comes to nails I’m quite the monogamist! I’m in love with Bary M and no matter how many times I’ve tried to branch away, Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Oil anybody?,  I’ve always returned to my trusted Bary M polishes for that home mani pedi.

Now I know Bary M are pretty much exclusively known for their nail products but I thought I would rock the boat a little and kick things off with a foundation…gasp! The Flawless Finish Matte Foundation was one I picked up on a whim as I was strolling through Boots. Curiosity got the better of me, I’m not usually a matte fan, but I really wanted to try out a foundation by Bary M being such a big fan of their nail polishes already. I wasn’t disappointed. The foundation does everything it claims and for the price of about £6 you really can’t fault it. Although it’s a matte foundation your skin is left with a healthy looking glow that can only be described as ‘your skin but better’ and I think that comes from the moisturising effect that the foundation boast. The coverage is quite sheer but builds to a medium easily, making it a great summer’s day foundation or perfect if you like the more natural look. Bary M do claim that the product has ‘skin healing’ properties and although I can’t attest to those on any scientific level I will say that my face always feels very soft after taking this foundation off and it has never aggravated my acne prone skin. As much as the foundation itself really is a winner in my eyes, the most ingenious part of this product is the pump that comes attached to the base of the packaging and slowly rises up as you use the product, meaning nothing is wasted. For that price, I was well and truly impressed!

I’m a huge fan of any kind of nail strengthening product that actually works. On a day to day basis my nails are worryingly weak and snap and peel under gentle pressure so I’m forever on the lookout for that one product that’ll give me nails like steel. Iron Mani, Bary M’s ‘ultimate nail hardener’ has come pretty damn close. Although it hasn’t improved the look of my nails, they’re pretty cracked and flaky at the ends, it’s really gone a long way to keep them strong and most importantly, stop them breaking off at the ends. I’m hoping as my nails grow out the flaking will disappear but any ideas on how to help this along re very welcome! I like to wear this on its own when my nails are particularly bad or as a base coat to add an extra little kick of strength under a pop of colour.

It took me a while to jump on the white nail band wagon and even now it has to be a really opaque polish for me to love the look, but when you get that perfect white as snow polish I’m sold. I think a well-executed tidy white nail looks very chic and modern and can really add to an outfit. The Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in Cotton by Bary M is one that can do just that. The colour payoff is excellent, needing only two thin coats for a completely opaque look and the polish last a good 4-5 days for me without chipping. That’s with my flaky nails and constant tapping away at a keyboard, though I do usually use the Iron Mani underneath. As for the ‘high shine’ it certainly is. Pop a couple of coats of this on your nails and you’ll certainly catch the light, though, as with most white polishes, you might have to go over with a new top coat a few days later just to keep them looking their best. Another fantastic member of the Bary M Nail Paint family is the Sunset Gel Nail Pain that boast the same lasting power and high shine of the Cotton in a beautiful taupe-brown, Perfect for when you’re feeling a little more nude.

The last product in my Bary M love affair list is the Coconut Infusion Gel Polish in Laguna. This polish is a beautiful pastel blue colour that I love wearing  in the summer but has also been my go to over the past few weeks as its getting a little brighter in England now. The polish is advertised as a gel polish but doesn’t require UV setting so it’s a great at home polish but still has that ‘plumped’, for want of a better word, look that you expect from a gel polish.   Although, not as long lasting as the Gelly High Shine Nail Paint, about 3-4 days, I don’t think that’s too bad for a £3 polish and it’s probably something that could easily be extended if you’re more careful with your nails and less aggressive with the keyboard. Though the colour was obviously what drew me to the polish, I have to say my favourite thing about this is the brush. The bristles are pretty dense and flat creating a wide stroke on your nails and a super easy application, perfect for anyone like me who spends just as much time cleaning up my nails as I do painting them.

Thanks, Megan x

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