img_5105Hi I’m Megan, a recent (ish) psychology graduate living in Leeds and attempting to find my way in the real world! Four years ago I absolutely fell in love with fitness and health and I want to share that passion with you.


I’m a big fan of converse shoes, overrated cheesy pop songs and, despite the ‘Instagram-worthy’ mix of spiced lattes, crisp blue skies and the crunch of freshly fallen leaves under shoes, Autumn is not my favourite season. I’m a summer baby – picture hot sandy beaches, a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.


My three main passions in life are fitness, food and travelling (though I do like to dabble in beauty and skin care) and I’d love to share these with you. I’ll never pretend to be the expert, just someone with a keen interest and a willingness to learn so always feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think.

A student adviser by day and aspiring blogger by night; so come along for the ride as we get fitter, healthier and happier together!.